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We have a right to a corruption-free Karnataka where people found guilty of corruption are prosecuted and punished. We strongly believe that there is an overwhelming need to empower the office of the Lokayukta and formulate an enforceable law. Many governments have promised this but none has actually taken the necessary steps to enact this legislaion. A Loksatta government will pass the Lokayukta (Enhancement of Powers) Act within 100 days of assuming office.

Loksatta demands that the following steps be taken to remove the 'toothless tiger' label from the Lokayukta:

  • Grant Suo Moto powers to Lokayukta to bring the corrupt to justice.

  • Repeal Section 19 of Prevention of Corruption Act and remove the need for sanctions.

  • Establish a Whistle Blowers Act to protect complainants.

  • All elected representatives and government officers must be considered as public servants and anti-corruption laws must apply to them

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