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BBMP should charge political parties for birthday hoardings, says Loksatta
08 July 2010

Reacting to recent reports about the BBMP planning to keep a tab on illegal hoardings, senior Loksatta Member Mr. N S Ramakanth expressed, "The largest number of illegal hoardings are those put up by political parties for birthday wishes to politicians. BBMP should first target them in their programme against illegal hoardings."

Mr. Ramakanth's statement falls well in place in the context of banners and hoardings pasted all over the city for birthday wishes to a current State Cabinet Minister. He expressed disappointment with the fact that 'Law makers have today openly become law breakers'.

The state is losing significant revenue because of this, he said, citing a recent estimate made by the Mayor S K Nataraj that BBMP is today collecting less than 10% of its potential advertisement revenue.

Mr. Ramakanth sadly reflected on the way politics has changed over the years, "While earlier a politician's work itself was a reflection of his/ her presence, these days politicians need the help of all these banners to remind people that they are around".

Another aspect is that most of these hoardings are made of 'flex' which cannot be recycled, is not bio-degradable and causes pollution like plastic. "This is all the more reason they should be discouraged and law breakers should be seriously penalised!", said Mr. Ramakanth who is also a solid waste management expert.

He, however, concluded by wishing the Cabinet Minister a very happy birthday and wished for his long service to Karnataka.

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